Are you facing the challenge of reducing costs, increasing liquidity and improving efficiency?

Whether it is due to a changed market situation, inefficient outdated structures, an investment backlog in modernization, or the reason to become more agile and efficient in the future. Whatever the reason you are approaching the task: It needs an action plan with measures!

The goal, whether a wish or a duty, is quickly set. Depending on the need and size of the task, the program is tackled with the help of a management consultancy.

Some measures are already fixed or quickly identified, while other ideas for measures still need to be developed.

Each measure is planned with its cost saving potential, operating and investment costs, turnover increase or liquidity improvement, and increases the level of planning – the goal is not lost sight of.

Not every idea can be implemented as thought, not every potential is exactly the same after the feasibility analysis of the measure as it was at the beginning. For these reasons, it is important to look at and evaluate the measure according to its phase right from the start. Is the measure in the idea phase, in the feasibility analysis or already in the implementation phase? Which measures have already been implemented and where are the first actual effects being realised?

The more extensive the program, the more important it is to track the current status. Only those who maintain their information centrally and create a “single point of truth” have the possibility to report promptly and up-to-date. The degree of implementation, delivery reliability and commitment are just as important as a detailed look at the figures. Keep an eye on expenditure, expect savings and liquidity and track everything on the timeline to the exact month.

Bottom-up Top-down reporting status

Pull the right report at the touch of a button. PowerPoint slides with meaningful fill level and realization curves, data exports in Excel format and pivoting directly on the data basis are great aids to keeping track.

Create a working environment where all program participants can work together in a simple way. Everyone benefits from an overview of their tasks, status information and reporting bases for the status of results.

Good planning must be followed by excellent implementation, because without implementation everything is nothing!

By using inAIR, you create a data basis for achieving your goals, in which all program participants work together and you can report on a daily basis on your current status compared to the plan and the goal.