Good planning must be followed by excellent implementation, because without implementation everything is nothing!

Project management is often equated with the planning phase and thus a planning tool is identified as the core software for the project manager. As a result, MS Project, for example, is used as a planning tool, and Excel lists are sent out as task and activity descriptions in order to record status queries and key figures and to query them on an ongoing basis. In addition, collaboration tools and e-mail are used for communication during implementation. Uncoordinated distribution of information is the result.

Good planning is the basis, but when implementation begins, different rules apply. Goals are met during implementation.

Close tracking of metrics on your own timeline is a critical key to success. The assignment of responsibility, the commitment of those involved, the timeliness of status information and the associated flow of information determine success or failure.

Over the years, we have identified the following success factors in implementation:

Over the years, we have identified the following success factors in implementation:

  1. Clear structuring with comprehensible timelines and milestones.
  2. Precise definition of goals in the form of qualitative and quantitative KPIs on the timeline.
  3. Maximum commitment through clear responsibilities and integration of all parties involved.
  4. Current information status and flow on the status of target achievement.
  5. Management involvement through standardized status reporting and escalation based on early detection of deviations.

A management solution that accompanies the implementation of projects should not only support agile and classic methodology, but also the five factors described above.

Based on our experience from over 20 years of working with and for consultancies, in a wide variety of industries and projects, we have developed inAIR, a solution that, due to its flexibility and scalability, meets all the requirements for successful implementation.