Would you like to visualize your personnel structure and have job profiles and descriptions output in various formats at the push of a button? Do you need the description of reference positions to organize replacement and skill management requirements?

Whether it’s a single company or a group with a complex corporate structure, having an overview of departments, divisions and associated jobs helps with many tasks. Call up job descriptions, application and requirement profiles with one click. Save qualification information and company car assignments and create a central element for visualizing your organization. 

By marking the reference positions, you identify opportunities for replacement, filling of management tasks and identification of training needs, across departments and companies.

With simple workflows, described or changed positions are submitted for approval and released by the responsible department after review.

Organizational management personal organigram

inAIR provides the necessary hierarchical structure for mapping your organization. All information can be stored and made available to the responsible groups of people with a customized rights concept.

Involve the HR department as well as the management and executive level to make your organization efficient. Interfaces to all common HR systems ensure maximum up to dateness.