Sales management and sales organization are topics that do not always follow a set pattern and can sometimes be a challenge for organizations to implement.

Do you have the desire to have sales projects combined with production volumes, across companies and with access to both internal and external sales?

Create a regional structure and add sales managers with direct assignment of your customers. Prepare projects on the spot. This is just one possible way of implementation.

For your customers, you record information such as contact person, account number, supervisor and all other customer-specific information. All relevant details are recorded for customer projects, such as the sales phase, status, risks, and sales-relevant figures.

Which figures are relevant in the context of sales is decided according to necessity for evaluation. Whether it is the quantity per product category, the sales volume and margin or the share of the market – everything is recorded in reporting for later evaluation.

For a solid forecast, a rough production planning and for the preparation of quotations, the recording of the planned sales phase milestones and possible delivery quantities on the timeline is an indispensable aid. This is accompanied by the sales figures, the production resource requirements and the profit expectation.

If marketing is integrated here with product-specific actions, the result is an overall picture that visualizes and simplifies organization and control.

Customer cluster distribution sales organisation UK

Because of the existing scalable framework, inAIR enables you to independently create the necessary type related information fields. You enter exactly the data you need for your customers, projects and regions. Specify sales targets per region or customer, record production quantities, plan sales milestones and create maximum commitment through detailed rights assignments.

Enable regional management, account managers and project managers to organize their areas of responsibility all together in one tool.