Do you want to keep an overview of your entire project landscape, which projects are currently being implemented in your company and which are planned? Which projects require how much budget and what are the benefits?

In portfolio management, the focus is on the overall view of the project landscape. The costs and risks associated with the projects are weighed against the benefits and the strategic value. The progress and current status of the projects are recorded and serve as a basis for decisions: Implement or cancel?

In order to manage the project landscape in a clear and transparent manner, a structure based on budget responsibility is useful. The individual phases of the project life cycle are mapped for detailed planning and evaluation. All relevant information are recorded, from the project idea to the project application, the project release and the change requests, right through to project completion. Of course, this also includes a documented release process and, if necessary, risk management.

Bubble chart project landscape

If required, the cost benefit plan and budget consumption can be extended with cross project resource planning and the recording of KPIs for the extended project goals, such as sales.

The transparency of the complete project landscape and the constant reevaluation with detailed KPIs ensures that projects are not lost from view and that decisions are made promptly.

inAIR offers all the functions needed to manage project portfolios professionally and transparently. The management has a complete overview and each budget manager can see his projects and the associated budget. The processing of project information is delegated to the project management with a role and rights concept.