Digitization in project management

If we look at the organizational design principle of digitization in industry and transfer this to project steering, the following points must be filled with life:

Networking – Information transparency – Technical assistance – Decentralized decisions

Digitization project steering

Project steering means accompanying the implementation of measures. Measures that can be assigned to different departments, locations, companies and countries.

It is necessary to network all those involved, both those responsible for steering and those responsible for implementation.

To create a basis where everyone can store or retrieve information according to their role. Project steering is not only collaboration, but also the recording of goals, plan and actual information.

Such networking of participants in real time creates the information transparency that is needed to achieve the goals that have been set and to make well founded decisions.

All information of the measures are bundled in a central location, with direct access controlled by authorizations. These requirements necessitate technical assistance.

Technical assistance in this case is a web based tool. All participants get access and work in their own defined area of responsibility. Everyone makes decisions within the scope of their responsibility, documents them, makes them transparent and presents them to the next management level.